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iPhone Check - iPhone Carrier and Sim-Lock Status (Server 1 Instant) 013435007700001 Completed Serial Number: DQGLVYGLFH1C Initial Activation Policy ID: 52 MEID: Activation Policy Description: US GSM Service Policy IMEI: 013435007700001 Applied Activation Policy ID: 23 Part Description: SVC,IPHONE 5,GSM,16GB,WHITE,CI/AR Applied Activation Policy Description: US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy Product Version: 6.1.4 Next Tether Policy ID: 53 Last Restore Date: Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Canada Service. Bluetooth MAC Address: 28:E1:4C:02:06:5F First Unbrick Date: 03/29/14 MAC Address: 28E14C02065E ICCID: 89014104255750503716 Last Unbrick Date: 03/29/14 Unbricked: true Unlocked: false