Delivery Time: 1-6 Hours

All Codes are From DataBase, if the Code is Not in DB will be rejected as not Found.

This service will unlock any LG phone that requires only NETWORK or SERVICE PROVIDER CODE

Make sure phone prompts for unlock code before ordering. No refunds for wrong orders! Also if you have an AT&T Prepaid device, Make sure its activated before ordering

Does NOT support the following: [ NO REFUNDS]

 - if Your phone requires SERVICE Provider Code (Metropcs, Fido, Canada)

- Tmobile/Metropcs APP LOCK [G4, G5, K7, Stylio, Leon, Stylio ETC]. We will not refund wrong requests.

- AT&T LG M150 Phoenix 3 / LG Xpression Plus (X410ASR) (New firmware doesnt allow entry of code. it will Give Unsuccessful_001 Error)



- Sprint

- Verizon

- IMEI starting  99xxxxxxx ,  352452xxxxx and   352265xxxxx